The best practices to design Digital Marketing Ads are:

Google Ads

Google Ads

  1. Create Ads as per marketing objectives (i.e. awareness, traffic, leads, conversion …etc.)
  2. Choose your segmented and targeted audience (demographics)
  3. Choose your audience region, language,
  4. Set your budget (Start with low budget)
  5. Choose audience more specific features such as (Parents, Gender and HouseHold)
  6. Choose your contents (Images with limited-time offers, short videos with quick message delivering less than 10 seconds, or keywords that are searchable on Google) you can use ahrefs


Facebook Ads

  1. Create Ads from CREATE button on the top tap of Facebook
  2. Choose your marketing objectives: of course it varies from one business to another but usually businesses need to do awareness campaign, then consideration campaign and then conversion campaign following this sequence
  3. Customize your audience using the create custom audience and upload your lifetime value customer information so that Facebook sync it and do the match
  4. Create great contents such as blurred images with minimum text, short videos using one of the video online creator such as magisto
  5. Apply Inbound Marketing Methodology using HubSpot
  6. Monitor your ad performance on daily basis
  7. Reply to audience questions or requests
  8. Tune, Amend and shoot again

Email Marketing


  1. I would highly recommend Mailchimp
  2. Mailchimp is the only platform that connects Facebook/Instagram Ads and Google Ads to your MailChimp uploaded Audience
  3. Create your audience
  4. Ad segmentation per list of audience (cause audience interest varies)
  5. Create clean template, balance text with images, clickable images.
  6. Add social media icons
  7. most important add CLEAR CALL TO ACTION BUTTON