When it comes to Digital Marketing, it is inevitable, companies cannot live without it, and competition is getting more and more serious.

No matter what your business industry is, digital marketing is the key success to acquire online audience to your online channels from any spot in earth.

Here are the 22 reasons why you should join digital marketing training courses in 2022 whether you work as senior manager, founder, marketing professional, sales professionals, customer care and any other related position:

  1. Digital Marketing is NOT social media, many businesses relay on social media online, but digital marketing is the science of enhancing your business online presence to reach wider audience, acquire them to consider your brand and to convert them to become your client with time
  2. Most companies in MENA region sell B2C products and don’t know why Google Display Network is a strong channel to build awareness
  3. Many companies relay on one or two social media channels, when it comes to promote those products globally, they get shocked that is some countries those social media channels are not used buy targeted audience over there
  4. Omnichannel: many companies know how to post and advertise, but not how to integrate channels together to give one experience among different channels.
  5. Remarketing: when online customer touches your business website, we need to make sure our campaigns are retargeting those online visitors based on their conversion/action they took on the website
  6. Marketing Funnel, digital marketing activities should be connected to sales activities to ensure sales at the end of the day, this can be done by setting up digital marketing platforms such as HubSpot
  7. Customers Avatars, when running new business and planning to acquire new customers, you need to build what it is call Customers Avatars or Personas, this is very important in case you want to target wide audience or niche group/s
  8. Online competition: small/large companies are competing online by promoting their online products or services to convince online users to consider their brand, your business needs to be part of that competition
  9. Exporters: any exporter company is always looking for B2B opportunity, LinkedIn is one great channel for that if you learn how to generate leads from conversion techniques
  10. E-Commerce: if you are running e-commerce and not using catalogue sales on Facebook or Business Data by Google then you are not optimizing your campaigns to the maximum
  11. Campaign design: one campaign, one ad set, one ad is not enough, you need to optimize campaigns for best result in short time to targeted audience using the brand they need or solve a problem to them
  12. Email Marketing: one of the missed digital marketing in MENA, if you use MailChimp you can send personalized channels, retarget online users who interact with business, and activate segmentation and automated messages along the way
  13. Google PPC: one of the most effective channels that is not well used in MENA, it could work for small-medium-enterprise companies to acquire audience searching for problem to solve or a product to buy from your brand
  14. Website integration with digital marketing channels: still not well used in MENA region, digital marketing professionals know how to generate code from social media channels but not how to embed these codes to landing pages or selected webpages so they can track online users’ activities online
  15. Website Search optimization, when it comes to SEO, many digital marketing professionals think it programming technique to build your SEO ranking, it is 2022, no need-to-know technical stuff, you only need to use the right tool with the right plugins to rank your website at the top, one of the most recommended tools for SEO is SEMRUSH.
  16. CRM: missing CRM system to your online users will result not knowing anything about your online user’s personal information, we need to acquire these data into our online CRM system for better targeting, segmentations, and track customer journey
  17. Analytics: without analyzing what’s going on your social media channels, Google accounts, Google Analytics, website traffic, and campaigns Ad sets, you will not be able to tweak your campaigns for best results with optimized budget.
  18. Strategy: Applying one digital marketing strategy before kicking-off campaigns is extremely important to your business, many companies in MENA don’t have strategy, they only have Ad hoc projects/campaigns that could do one hit with tiny result, having online strategy is the key success for any online business to build the right roadmap for all online activities and to ensure best results along the way.
  19. Digital Transformation strategy: Business Technology, Customer Centricity are always in change and sometimes we get confused on what to use online and how to upgrade our systems, applying DX Strategy can lead businesses to succeed and compete locally and globally.
  20. Contents: Visuals used on website or Ads are extremely important to capture online users’ attention, you can use canva.com to build your own visual or you can reply on agency to do it, but the content it self need to be straight forward, targeted and have the right call to action based on customer journey with your business
  21. Departments Integration: for large enterprises, customer care unit is essential, that’s why we need to integrate all departments together (Digital Marketing, Digital Sales, Digital Customer Care)
  22. Future Jobs: companies around the globe are now requesting experienced professionals in digital marketing and sales, many opportunities are available on LinkedIn, so be part of this revolution

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