3-Day Workshop | June 28, 29, 30 | 09:30 - 15:30
Training Fees $600
Location: Grand Millennium Hotel 

Who should attend the Training

Anyone who has business and want to create online store, Sales Managers, Sales Retailers, Online Stores owners, Social Media products sellers, Branding Managers, Sales and Promotion, CEOs, Small business owners, CRM Managers, Media Specialist, Public Relations Managers, Freelancer who do online advertising, Retailers, Business Owners


Training Agenda


  • Who am I?
  • Building your confident SELF
  • Communicating your confidence
  • The brain's highway code NLP
  • Winning friends and influencing people
  • How to use Rhetoric in the sale
  • How to act with black-outs and self limiting beliefs
  • Success by controverse


  • Selling yourself with positive power
  • Control the sale
  • Closing techniques
  • Change your way of life, change your company!
  • Verbal and non-verbal behavior
  • Contributing to yourself, is contributing to the world
  • What is Digital Sales?
  • What is Inbound Sales/Marketing mean?
  • How it Works and How to Implement
  • Digital Sales Pipeline
  • Customer Journey and Leverage contents based on stages
  • Why Sales and Marketing platforms on HubSpot are best for your business


  • HubSpot sales platform, stages, automation and tracking online users behavior
  • Connect HubSpot with Web Online forms
  • Connecting HubSpot with Facebook Leads Ads
  • Developing Personas for best Sales Offers
  • How to Integrate channels for virtual sales into business website
  • How to integrate channels for virtual sales into social media channels
  • What is Online Customer Relationship Management System?
  • Introduction to MailChimp as Sales / Marketing Tool
  • Brand Building VS Sales Activation
  • How to tune your voice for best sales leads
  • Conversion Rate Optimization on websites

M E E T     T H E     T R A I N E R S 


Ameed is currently working with GOOGLE MENA (Dubai Offices) as international Digital Marketing Instructor.

International Digital Marketing, Sales, Branding and Transformation Consultant & Trainer

Trained more than 6000 professionals in MENA region on Digital Marketing, Digital Sales, Digital Branding and Digital Transformation, designed more than 200 digital marketing, sales, and transformation strategies for businesses in MENA, improved their online presence, e-commerce platforms, brand building and sales activation to their products and services domestic and internationally.

Currently working as a certified professional trainer with Google-Dubai and Digital Consultant & Trainer with INFORMA MENA in Dubai, GCE Jordan - Amman, Muscat, Beirut and Ramallah on Social Media and Digital Marketing topics (i.e., Social Media Management and Advertisement, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), SEM, Click Through Rate CTR, CPM, CPC, email marketing and display advertising using Google AdWords).


“Dr. John” is international consultant & trainer for more than 30 years in the management/ sales field. He is considered a Senior Trainer, Management Consultant, Profound Mentor and Coach and Visionary in knowledge transfer and developing business potential in all rapidly growing markets. His strength is in team growth, team building and team management.

His engagement with the “trainers of the trainers” like Brian Tracy, Anthony Robbins, Tony Alessandra, Robert Kiyosaki, Barbare Glanz, Zig Ziglar, George Zalucki, Michael Strachowitz, Juergen Hoeller, Emile Ratelband and

Market-leaders like Boyd Matheson, Eric Allen, Shush Arya, Gary Parker, Mitch Huhem, Art Napolitano, Daniel Mueller, Alexander Krause and Dr. Sven Goebel are examples and idols in sharing their knowledge and expertise in creating a potential opportunity in our lively business world.

For Registration or  if you have any question, please feel free to contact with Amer Al-Najjar on 00962 777 397 728 , 00962 5513879 , 
or Ms. Haneen on 00962 799070995

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